Foniku is a program package developed by YLAI as a teaching material for Indonesian Phonics and Phonemic Awareness. The Foniku pack is child-centred, fun and multisensory to teach letters and letter sounds through interactive stories, songs and movements. During this program, children will have the opportunity to learn to read and write letters and words.

To support phonics learning, YLAI has developed the Foniku program kit which contains:

  • 2 Story Poster Books.
  • 29 Leter Sound Song videos that can be accessed via QR Code.
  • 26 Letter Sound Books.
  • Guidebook.
  • Letter Cards.
  • 3 Wall Posters.

Story Poster Books

Story poster books contain picture and story posters that focus on a particular letter sound and use a variety of words starting with that sound focus. In addition, this story poster book is also equipped with song texts and movements from the focus of the sound of the letters. There are two story poster books (A3 size: 42cm x 29.7cm) in the Foniku package.

Video Letter Sound Songs

There are 29 videos of letter sound songs that can be watched by scanning the QR code contained in the Story Poster Book and Guide Book. This video contains the song and movement of each letter sound. This song will help children understand the letter sounds, the movement, and focused word in a fun way.

Letter Sound Books

The letter sound book contains pictures that focus on sounds and words that begin with each letter sound focus. In addition, the letter sound book is also equipped with simple sentences and syllable combinations from each letter sound focus. There are 26 letter sound books (size 23cm x 23cm) available in the Foniku package.

Letter Cards

Letter cards are used to review letter sounds and letter sound combinations. There are 26 letters and 2 sounds ng and ny. Each letter consists of 4-6 copies of the card. Each card measures 10.5cm x 15cm.

Wall Posters

There are 3 A2-sized (59.4cm x 42cm) wall posters that can be pasted on the classroom wall.


This manual provides a systematic overview of the use of Foniku teaching materials in teaching phonics. These phonics teaching materials provide teachers with activities that are interactive, fun, and child-centered.

Student’s Work Book

This exercise book is used as enrichment teaching material to strengthen children’s understanding of letters and letter sounds. It provides a variety of fun activities that children can do independently.