The habit of reading will grow when students gain more access to books especially in schools. The existence of the reading corner and library with suitable reading resources and an optimally functioning library space will help build the love of reading and reading habit in schools. Students will benefit directly by having access to reading corners and library as they can explore many books, experiences and engage in many reading activities in reading corners or libraries. Therefore, this helps build reading enjoyment to maximize the love of books. YLAI provides trainings on reading corner management and child-friendly school libraries to guide principals, teachers and librarians in nurturing a reading culture in schools.

Reading Corner

YLAI has been committed to help schools model the child-friendly reading approaches in the classroom to improve learning. Through the development of a classroom reading corner, teachers are trained to provide interactive reading lessons, and students are given space and opportunities to positively interact with books.

The Development and Management of Reading Corners is designed to guide teachers to provide access to quality books, and incorporate Interactive Reading Programs for regular classroom reading. This is supported by the development of a reading corner and teacher trainings to develop interactive reading lessons using picture story books. Through training on reading corner development, teachers will be facilitated with techniques to develop and manage reading corners as a tool to monitor students’ reading skills and habits, and provide opportunities for students to develop independent reading skills.

School Library

Currently YLAI is partnering with an international organization, Room to Read, to develop 49 child-friendly libraries for elementary schools in 3 regencies in Bali over three years. Principals, teachers and librarians receive intensive training on the use of libraries to help Indonesian children develop the love and the habit of reading.

The development of the Child Friendly School Library focuses on the preparation, management and activities in the library by involving all school elements directly in creating a child-friendly library. The library then becomes a place in the school that continues to improve and to be enjoyed by all the school. The Child-Friendly School Library is designed to guide schools to provide students with basic access to quality books, and regular library reading activities. This is supported by the training provided for the principals, teachers and librarians that includes the preparation of library facilities and infrastructure, the provision of reading sources that suit the students’ reading skills, library management and reading activities. Thus, it is hoped that the library can function effectively in building and creating reading habits and culture so that all elements of the school want, enjoy, and love reading both at school and at home.