Literacy unlocks the door to learning throughout life

Kofi Annan

YLAI is a non-profit foundation that aims to develop a reading culture, and a love of reading amongst Indonesian primary aged children in all schools throughout Indonesia. It provides training in innovative reading methodology, and provides specific support in how to implement a strong Indonesian reading program in primary classrooms.  YLAI therefore aims to provide quality reading books, resources, and teacher guides for use in classrooms and libraries in Indonesia. It also works to develop the skills of writers and illustrators of children’s books to meet the demand for innovative and enriching experiences through literacy.

Our Vision

As an informal training centre, YLAI aims to provide teacher training that ensures children will become lifelong independent readers, through developing reading skills and a love of reading. The foundation works closely with education departments to develop literacy programs in schools, and innovative teaching practice in the classroom. It is currently implementing classroom –based reading programs, classroom libraries, and school libraries for primary schools in Indonesia.

What We Do