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Do you remember when you first started to love reading?
YLAI believes, in an effort to encourage the love of reading, children should be made interested to read first. In other words, children should fall in love in reading at the first sight. For that reason, teachers and parents should start by introducing interesting books.

What is the criteria of an interesting book?
An interesting book should be enjoyed by its readers. Stories in the book can be simple but close to the world of children. The illustrations must also be lively with attractive colors, so that children, who are not yet able to read fluently, still can enjoy it. To support interactive reading activities, YLAI launched a collection of picture story books! Integrating fascinating stories with lively illustrations, books about Aira, Cepuk, Jana, Poni, Makiki, and Raka are ready to color your days and family.

So, is it enough just to read it out?
YLAI strongly recommends to implement interactive reading activities. Interactive reading is a reading mechanism that allows interaction between teachers and students when reading a book. Teacher reads the book and students receive reading messages through oral participation such as questions and answers, discussion, and role play. This interaction is also expected to develop students’ comprehension and language skills. Interactive reading modeling can be seen in the video of Ibu Eka reading ‘Jana Tak Mau Tidur’ to the students in the class.

You can also visit our website to view other videos on interactive reading modeling.

How about you? Have you implemented interactive reading in your class?
We would like to hear your experiences and questions. Please share in the comment column.

Lautkah Ini?

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to be water falling from the sky and have to travel long into the sea? Check out Aira and Aura’s journey, two drops of rain falling to the earth! This book achieved top award in the Samsung KidsTime Authors ‘Award at Asian Festival of Childrens’ Content 2016 in Singapore and the illustrations were also selected in the Best Illustration Gallery at the 2017 Asian Festival of Children’s Content.

Waktunya Cepuk Terbang

Cepuk, the awkward little owl, is very anxious in his first flying lesson. Will Cepuk succeed to fly? This book received the second award in the Samsung KidsTime Authors’ Award at Asian Festival of Childrens’ Content 2016 in Singapore and the illustrations were also selected in Best Illustration Gallery at the Asian Festival of Childrens’ Content 2017.

Poni Jangan Lari

Chasing after a loose dog! Come on, who has experienced that? This is what happened to Beni. He walked Poni, his little dog, but Poni ran away from Beni. Can Beni catch Poni? This book is very interesting to use in shared reading activities.The illustrations were also selected in Best Illustration Gallery at Asian Festival of Childrens’ Content 2017.

Jana Tak Mau Tidur

Little Jana was not sleepy when Daddy put her to sleep. In the middle of the silent night, she even hears the sound of neng nong neng gung. What is that sound? Should Jana find out? Jana’s adventure became one of the most favorite stories to read during shared reading activities. The students drift into the tension that Jana feels. Come on, do not miss it, get this book right away and venture out with Jana!

Karang Gigi Untuk Makiki

Do you know there are shrimps that like to eat fish tartar? Makiki, the little shrimp was eager to eat the tartar of a big fish, but the teeth of the big fish were spiky and spooky. What if the big fish ate him instead? Follow Makiki’s adventure to take the delicious tartar from the big fish!

Raka Bangga

Having a cool brother who could do everything made Raka want to be like his brother. The height of the tension was when Kak Anom was surfing in a terrific and awesome way, and Raka doubted if he would ever be able to face the big waves. Was Raka able to face his fear and surf like Kak Anom? This story is full of inspiration and very interesting to read with the background of the beautiful island of Bali.


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