Aprile Denise

Co-Founder and Literacy Consultant for Yayasan Literasi Anak Indonesia

Aprile is originally from New Zealand, and has lived and worked in Indonesia for over thirty years, dedicating her career to primary education as a teacher, administrator and literacy specialist. She is now advising trainers of YLAI to develop their training workshops in best reading practices, as well as the development of children’s picture books for Indonesia. During the period 2008-2014 when Aprile was Primary Principal of Dyatmika School, a bilingual school in Bali, she was instrumental in helping to develop a stronger reading program to support Indonesian literacy in the early grades. Project Literasi Anak Indonesia started at this school, and later developed into the founding of Yayasan Literasi Anak Indonesia in 2014. Aprile’s hope is to see the love of reading come alive for children in Indonesia.

Ayu Sugati

Co-Founder of Yayasan Literasi Anak Indonesia

Ayu started her career in education in 1996 as a teacher at Dyatmika school in Bali. In 2008, she was appointed as a National Principal of the Kindergarten-Elementary at Dyatmika school. Her interest in literacy education led her to join as the leader of the LAI project in 2011, and from this project Yayasan Literasi Anak Indonesia was formed. “Literacy for a better world” is the dream for Indonesia of this educator and writer.

Nyoman Sri Utami

Founding Member of Yayasan Literasi Anak Indonesia

Utami is one of the pioneering team members of Project Literasi Anak Indonesia and a developer of LAI’s reading programs and teacher trainings. For four years, 2010-2014, this elementary school teacher of Dyatmika participated fulltime in the development of an Indonesian reading programme for the project at Dyatmika school, out of this project, Yayasan Literasi Anak Indonesia was formed and her stories as a result have inspired thousands of school children across Indonesia. Her dream is to making stories a window for Indonesian children to open their minds to the beauty of the world.


YLAI is supervised by a voluntary Board. Each member brings his or her professional expertise, from education to management and finance. The Board monitors the work of the foundation and ensures that the leadership, resources, and finances are in line with YLAI’s vision.

DR. Sudarno | Trustee

Drs. I Made Suparma | Supervisor

Rimi Kochar Supervisor


Ni Ketut Ayu Puspita Dewi, S.Pd., M.Ed. Chairperson

Diah Samsiati Rajasa Vice chairperson

Laode Mukmin General Secretary

Made Sri Rahayu | Secretary

Gusti Gede Ngurah Agung Treasurer