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Jana Tak Mau Tidur

It is late in the night, but little Jana did not want to sleep. Suddenly, she heard a deng dong deng gung sound. She left her bed and followed the sound. Then, she found a big surprise. Let’s find out what surprises were waiting for Jana!

Waktunya Cepuk Terbang

Cepuk, the little owl, went to flying school for the first time. He was nervous because he had never tried to fly. He became more scared when his classmates tried to jump and then fell off one by one. Finally, it was Cepuk’s turn and he had to try to fly. Would Cepuk succeed to fly or would he fall like his friends?

Buah Apa, Ya?

Sari, Rani, and Bima are spending their holiday at Grandpa’s house. Grandpa challenges the kids with a riddle and they search for the answer in his orchard. Will the children find the answer to Grandpa’s riddle?

Di Mana Adik?

Monan is carrying her brother Bilung in a baby basket on their way to Grandma’s house. But the basket becomes empty as the baby disappears along the way. How will Monan find her baby brother?

Ketika Paman Kala Diam

Uncle Kala is the famous big clock of Kalala City. Arka and his Father take care of Uncle Kala. But one day, the clock stops working and goes silent. Will Arka find a way to make the clock work again?

Lautkah Ini?

Aira and Aura were drops of rainwater that fell to the earth together. Aura wanted to get to the sea and Aira guided her patiently. However, they have to go through various places before getting to the sea. What new things will they face? Guess where their long and exciting journey will end!

Raka Bangga

Raka likes to follow everything his brother, Anom, does. He wants to be like his brother who can skate, do traditional kungfu, and dance traditional Balinese dances. He also wants to learn to surf, but the big and dangerous sea waves scare him. Will Raka manage to conquer his fear and surf like his brother?

Poni Jangan Lari

Beni wants to take a walk with his dog, Poni. However, Poni has other plans. He runs away from Beni and has fun himself. Beni tries hard to chase his dog. Is Beni able to catch Poni? Let’s follow Beni’s adventure with his naughty dog!

Hari Yang Melelahkan

Three hungry goats decide to eat their neighbor’s delicious fresh grass. But their neighbors are upset and drive the goats away. Follow the three funny goats as they run to safety.

Karang Gigi untuk Makiki

Makiki is a small shrimp that loves eating. One day, he sees a big fish. There are many delicious tartar attached to the teeth of the big fish. However, his teeth look sharp and dangerous. Will Makiki succeed in his scary adventure to take food from the mouth of the big fish?