Made Yudiarta

Pak Made is one of 12 inspiring librarians in the Badung regency. The turning point of his profession happened when he started to know Yayasan Literasi Anak Indonesia (YLAI). Pak Made’s meeting with YLAI took place when he was entrusted to represent his school, SDN 1 Darmasaba, to attend a library management course with 12 other selected librarians. Furthermore, equipped with the knowledge gained during the training with YLAI, and supported by the principal and cooperation with teachers, Pak Made, as a librarian is able to optimize the function of the existing school library by rearranging the room to become a child-friendly library.

Various books provided by YLAI are given stickers that mark their level to make it easier for children to choose books, and the books are arranged per level in an interesting way on colorful shelves, the lending system is made practical and the furniture is rearranged so that there is comfortable room for children to read.

To support the growth of reading habits, schools also agreed to include scheduled visits for each class. Each class is required to visit the library once a week accompanied by a classroom teacher to conduct reading activities.

SDN 1 Darmasaba Library is now very different if compared to before receiving the project. Now, the library atmosphere is very dynamic and lively. Pak Made found an effective way to optimize the function of the existing library. Pak Made, who has served almost 2 years as a librarian, is very satisfied to open a way for students to grow their habit of reading. Seeing the enthusiasm of students to come to the library makes Mr. Made more eager to always improve himself in order to be an agent of change in helping students to have good character through the growth of reading habits.

Ni Luh Gede Hermayani Rossandiari

Ibu Herma, as she is familiarly called by her students, has been a teacher for 8 years. She is teaching at SDN 1 Kapal Mengwi, Badung regency. Her profession as a teacher was initially started by the encouragement of her parents. An encouragement that brought great change to the life of Ibu Herma as an individual and also to the lives of the students she taught. For her, being a teacher is not just a job, but a part of her soul. Being a teacher allows her to share in every opportunity, both to students and to colleagues.

There was a turning point that had a major impact on her journey as a teacher, when she came to know Yayasan Literasi Anak Indonesia (YLAI) a few years ago. At that time in a training, Mrs. Herma began to know some children’s story books by YLAI writers. The books are very different from other books she has known so far. The books by YLAI are interactive and their illustrations are made to support the content of the reading. The books were then distributed to several schools including to Ibu Herma’s school. Ibu Herma then displayed the books to enrich the reading corner of her class. The enthusiasm of the children in reading the books makes her excited, and this shows a positive change. She then shares the experience with her colleagues through social media.

For a second time Ibu Herma, along with 12 selected teachers, got the opportunity to follow the reading activity training at a child-friendly library with YLAI. She learned some reading approaches to help students grow reading habits. This training brought changes to her teaching techniques. Whenever she reads a book, she can get the heart and attention of her students. Formerly this was not easy to do. The technique that YLAI teaches is very helpful for her work as a teacher and has a great impact for her students. There is always something new that a child learns from a book.

Being a teacher helps her continue to learn. She keeps on learning the needs of students and how to support students reach their full potential. It requires patience in facilitating the needs of each student, but it is a satisfaction as a teacher when she sees her students learn. Being a teacher gives Mrs. Herma a chance to grow with them.

Now, her students are used to hearing stories, going to the library to find new information, and always waiting for new stories that she will read to them. This inspires other teachers to do the same. Reading stories opens up a whole new world for children. The impact of this YLAI program is immense, both for Ibu Herma as an individual and as a teacher because the best teachers teach from the heart.


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